TalkTablet - Speech/AAC app Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Why choose TalkTablet?

Before you spend you hard earned $$ on a symbol based speech app, watch this video. AAC apps have greatly improved since the introduction of the iPad in ...

AAC Speech Communicator Review

A review of the Android app, the AAC Speech Communicator for EDUC 315.

tutorial let me talk app android

Alexicom AAC for Android

This is a demonstration of many of our new features for Android devices, including in-app editing, direct camera image acquisition, scanning, on-board ...

Quick Talk

Instructional video for Android App "Quick Talk."

TalkTablet for Android - An Introduction

This video is about TalkTabletAndroidIntro.

TalkTablet (Android) - Introduction (Version 2)

TalkTablet (Android) - Introduction (Version 2)

Introducing Say Hi! AAC | An iPad communication app for those with limited movement |

The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (theGSF) is proud to introduce "Say Hi! AAC". A first-of-its-kind augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) iPad app ...

SpeechTree AAC App for iPad: Autism & Communication Challenges: 1 Minute Demo

SpeechTree is an AAC App for iPad that benefits individuals with autism and others who experience complex communication challenges. This video will ...

TalkTablet (Android version) Sharing a Page of buttons

TalkTablet (Android version) Sharing a Page of buttons.

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